Posted by: Floridadude | November 25, 2015

The future of video with small business

Video is fast  becoming the new technology for marketing.  Fortune 500 companies have embraced it and large marketing firms with huge budgets from their clients are producing slick videos for our mobile society.   Live streams are being done by everyone from our National Parks to Walmart.  As all of this goes on the Mom and Pop stores across the US sit back and scratch their heads wondering why?  Why should “Bill’s Appliance Store” on 5th and Main or “Anne’s Clothes For Teens” on Briarwood care what  those big discounters are doing?   Because you are losing your customer base.  The market share and those spending dollars is fast becoming a solidified base with Millennials and younger population base. Guess what?  They are glued to their smart phones and they love video.  Even more so than still images.  They are watching streaming video more and more and advertisers have taken note.   Small business has to embrace this new technology to show you understand your market share and that you are not still living in the 1980’s.  These apps to stream are free. Just download them.  If you are business and still do not have  a decent smart phone that has a good camera (or even  a tablet) then shame on you.  I am a champion for the SMBs I am telling you that  for little or no cost, you can do what these large box stores pay their advertising agencies thousands for.  You too can stream a weekly video about your store and develop a fan base.  Be it a how to video or what is new in your store this week.  So get with the times and I will see you on the air!

Free apps for video and streaming video are:








Posted by: Floridadude | November 11, 2015

Snapchat continues to go balistic in video views!

With Snapchat, that neat little mobile app, continuing to add new features, it’s video usage is now over six billion times a day!

That number has tripled since this past May.

The latest figures put Snapchat in even closer competition with Facebook, which sees eight billion video views daily. While the Facebook numbers include both desktop and mobile users, Snapchat videos views are via smart phone only.

Videos have become one of the most popular activities of social media users, with clips bringing in significant revenue for companies through advertising.  Snapchat’s closet competitors is Instagram & Vine.

Independent market research firm eMarketer predicts a 42 percent increase — up to $7.5 billion — in digital video revenues in the US this year.  This leads a huge scramble for advertisers who have any kind of mobility advertising budget.  Where to place those digital ads.  Snapchat continues to aggressively stay abreast of the ever-changing technology in digital video with new applications to their platform and thus they keep their users happy and more importantly coming back to their product.

Posted by: Floridadude | October 21, 2015

Promoting Your Event Through Social Media

The holidays are fast approaching and many small businesses like to use this time to promote special events.  Using social media to get the word out is essential in making sure your event is reaching the right target market.  So having said that, what are some tips that a small business owner can use?  Here is my little checklist to help you with your event social media strategy


Hashtags or the famous # sign is a great way to make sure your event gets a following quickly.  Hashtags get the word out more quickly and in a matter that streamlines  everything.

Live Video Feed

With Meerkat and Periscope, you can now live stream events.  As crazy as this may sound, get your event up  on one of these platforms and promote the fact that it will be streaming live.  You might be surprised how many people will turn out to just get themselves on camera.  Plus you can interact with your viewers through Twitter using these platforms.  You can stream with any newer Android or I-phone that has a HD camera.


Know your market to whom you are trying to reach.  What you have to offer and knowing who you are trying to reach goes hand in hand.  Social Media helps your  target specific share and demographics.

Customer Interaction

Using platforms like blogging or Twitter will help you interact with your customers.  Listen to them and respond!

Make Your Event Fun!

Add family value to your event.  Bring in outside resources such as a clown, Santa Clause, portable slides, photo booths, anything that will make the kids say “I wanna go!”

Door Prizes

Nothing draws people to an event better than free stuff or a chance to win something. (No obligation, remember!)  Offer something nice for a drawing.  It can be one nice item or smaller items that you draw for every hour during your event.


Promote your event through your Facebook fan page, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, your web site, even your blog.  The more 360 circle you create, the better exposure you will have.  I suggest you create a special landing page for the event and link  everything to it. Even create a portal to let people sign up.  Good luck with your next event!

Posted by: Floridadude | October 9, 2015

Video Is The Best Form Of Digital Content!

Digital Content.  You hear about it, marketers love it.  But to the small business owner exactly what is the best content to use?  Video by far is the most engaging form to use because of its versatile format, its ability to deliver your brand and catch the attention of your customers quickly.

Video will hold your viewers to your website longer and they are more likely to buy your products or services or at the very least make an inquiry to you.  Also video is very user-friendly today with mobile smart phones.  Mobile friendly video is easier to compress today and with website and social media platforms all incorporating video, your ROI with video advertising and marketing is more achievable than ever.

According to Cisco’s recent Global Traffic Forecast, by 2019 video content will be at 72% for all mobile traffic.  This is huge! This report within itself tells you that video is a must for all businesses large or small.  While we fully understand that the larger corporations can produce Hollywood style productions for their brand, small businesses today can achieve similar results within their own market area without the huge spending.  Be it your own smart phone’s camera, a DSLR camera, or using animated GIFS, you can do it.  Our own company produces video content and marketing ads using DSLR and it is very effective. While we may have more professional equipment and studio set-up, small business owners with a little research can get their brand out on video themselves.

In conclusion, video is an essential for social media sharing and keeping your customer base interactive.  Your click-through rates on your social platforms and web site will increase by 200% or more, especially in emails according to Forrester.  Consider video in your marketing and social media plan if you have not done so already.  You will be glad you did!

Posted by: Floridadude | September 29, 2015

October Marketing Tips!

October means Fall and fun.  People start getting into the festive spirit early thanks to retailers pushing the “holiday” mode as early as September.  Personally, I hate it and think we have become a greedy society but then again Corporations think otherwise and that bottom line must be solid by year’s end so we start thinking about Christmas in September and by golly by the time Halloween is over every retailer in America has their Christmas products out, the holiday music playing and telling us “spend, spend, spend!”  Having said my peace now,  we are pretty much forced to get on the bandwagon or be left holding the left-over crumbs from the big box retailers right?  So here are my little tidbits of suggestions for the SMBs out there to promote your business for October.

Blog a Halloween make-up or costume suggestion.  Interact with your customers off your website or blogging page by suggesting fun costume or make-up ideas.  If your store sells Halloween products, this will draw them into your store.

Create content summary or “roundup” as they are sometimes called.  These are summary of events relevant to your business and can be really anything that may be associated to what you offer as a service or products you sell, or even related to your brand.

Sponsor or create an event.  Many small businesses like to put on or sponsor a community event.  You have an advantage over the big box stores doing this.  They often times need to get permission all the way up from their headquarters to do anything and typically it has to be done months in advance.  Here is your opportunity to shine and be in the limelight of your customer base.

Have a great Fall and enjoy it even though I might be somewhat of a “Bah  Humbug!” type of guy on seeing Christmas in September.

Posted by: Floridadude | September 8, 2015

Social Media Marketing On A Budget

I always try to focus on the small business owner and come up with solutions that allow them to maximize their investment in social media. The Mom & Pops that make up a large chunk of our business structure do not have the large marketing budgets of the brick and mortars, large box stores, or even professional practices.  Most of us know that advertising on the big 3 such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter is a common practice.   But are their other less expensive ways to go to promote your brand on social media platforms?  Looking around the other day, I did find some sites that might attract your market share or customer base and the best news is, your investment is minimal.  Lets take a look at a few.

First, you need to spend time actually finding the right sites.  Watch what your customers are doing and this is a pretty good clue where you need to go.  There are other search & find sites out there besides “Google.”  I found a site called Quora that is pretty cool that allows you to input some information about what you are looking for in the way of your business and it comes up with a data base of information and resources. It can be a bit cumbersome at first as a newbie but once you use it for a bit, it becomes more user-friendly.

A couple of other sites that as a SMB you might want to look at are:

Bubbly  This mobile app allows your voice to be recorded in weird variations and send a message.  Popular overseas and making its way fast to the US, this app already is gaining popularity among businesses, celebs, and others.  What a great marketing tool for mobile users!

Capshare  I have always been big on video applications for mobility and if you have read any of my previous blogs, you know the big ones out there.  Capshare is growing leaps and bounds and I have played around with a bit.  Besides videos and images, as its name implies, you can use captions to describe what you are posting.  Again, for small business, what an excellent marketing tool.  You are getting in on the ground floor and a mobile app that is gaining a lot of users world-wide.

Heard  My last suggestion for small business is Heard.  This is kind of like the 4-Square site where people can vote and interact with content that is posted.  Small Business can use this site to gain perspective on what is trending, what their market base is liking or not liking.  This site is not so much for you to advertise but to know where you could be using your marketing dollars to focus your brand.

Good luck and I hope these suggestions help you gain some insight on your hard-earned advertising budget and most of all, have some fun doing some out of the box marketing strategies.

Posted by: Floridadude | August 26, 2015

How To Be Hot On LinkedIn!

How To Be Hot On LinkedIn!
#linkedin, #socialmedia, #marketing

Posted by: Floridadude | August 19, 2015

Are You On Board With Video For Your Business?

Video on the web is here to stay and in some instances, if video is not integrated in your marketing plan, you probably don’t have anyone visiting your site.  Video makes up over 64% of internet traffic according to our good friends at Cisco. That number will be over 80% by 2019.  SMB’s even with the smallest of staff and budgets already know this.  They have seen the trend.  Working with younger employees or having millennial mid management, they see how video works within marketing.  So why all they hype on video?  In two words.  “It’s Working!”

For novice business owners, making a video has become much easier.  While some can actually do it themselves, hiring a professional video production company has come down in price as well.  The message can be told with more simpler graphics and digital effects.

Here are some tips to help make your next video for your business work for you.

SEO (search engine optimization) has and will continue to focus on video integration for ranking purposes. Having that video on your website will help boost those numbers.

Use keywords to boost your video. This is in the description, file, title, however you wish to use the keywords

Host your video on You Tube.  This, being owned by Google, is one of the largest locations for SEO.

Get people (friends, customers, clients, whoever) to like your video. The more likes, the more the push to your site.

Video is growing. Your business needs to embrace the technology. Get videos on your website now!

Posted by: Floridadude | July 29, 2015

Will Your SEO Make It Or Break It?

Having a SEO (search engine optimization) campaign can be easy or it can be time-consuming and costly.  Added to that are frustrations that nothing worked.  So how can you be assured your SEO campaign will work?  Here are some quick pointers that I found will give you some assurances that with a little work, planning, and some luck, you will have a great SEO campaign.

1.  Set some good goals.  Use Google or Bing.  Keep your service or product down to a reasonable choice.  Don’t load up with a bunch of stuff and expect everything to hit.   When you are starting out, pick that one key product you are offering.

2.  The cost is important.  If you are somewhat savvy on SEO, yes, you can get it down for free or for little expense. The problem with this is most small businesses do not understand the concepts of SEO and should choose  a professional to guide their plan through.  If you are in a highly competitive product line then expect to pay more.  As they say, “There is no such thing as a free lunch!”

3.  Keywords. What is this you ask?  Keywords are what goes into the body of your message such as your website.  When people begin that search for what they are looking for, search engines lock onto keywords within your demographic area first.  So if you sell widgets in  ABC County and in anytown within that county, you would come up under widgets. As to your ranking though depends on other factors.  Keywords involve a lot of data research and placement value.  Again, doing this yourself can be lackluster for your business and a disappointing ROI.  Not to say you can’t do it if you are in a rural non-competitive area but for most in larger markets, hire a professional.

4. The Rest of the mix.  Have a good website, good content, and track your data via Google Tools or other free data gathering software that is available.  If you are still unsure, then hire a professional marketing firm to do this for you.  Stay current and keep abreast of the current trends and social media tools to give yourself a chance to stay ahead of the game.  Good luck!

Posted by: Floridadude | July 15, 2015

Choosing The Right Social Media Marketing Partner

Being social with your business.  Not easy is it?  Those social media marketers.  They say it is important to their business but a lot of them find it hard to measure the ROI and even manage multiple campaigns for various clients.  So what do you do?  This sounds familiar doesn’t it.  Even for SMB’s who do not even hire a social media marketer to run their campaigns or social blogs, the world of social media and blogging is a mystery when it comes to what do I spend, where do I spend and how much do I spend to see a return on my investment.

Typically the first 90 days working with a social media partner should send you a signal as to whether or not they are doing an effective campaign for you.  Even if they are not, it is not always their fault.  Social Media is a quirky business.  Your business may be unique to social media. Some businesses are just not social savvy while others may have people buzzing all over your platforms.  Even with automation tools, you have to find that right niche that fists your business and attract the right customers.  Here are some basic questions to ask yourself when picking the right social media marketing partner to help you.


1.  How long does my campaign take to get out to the masses?

Typically, after on boarding can take up to a month.  Then the campaign rolls out.  The marketer needs to gather information about your business, get your logos or branding images, get the blogging or relevant content ready for distribution and so on.  Sometimes things can happen quicker and sometimes it may take longer.  I am giving you an average.  You need to have this most important information assured in writing before you write that check.  Taking too long can kill your ROI. Know in advance!


2.  When does the money roll in?


As I stated earlier, not all campaigns are written with a “money back guarantee.”  No matter how slick your campaign may look,  you still may not see an increase in sales.  You would like to, but not all business have an attraction to social media users.  there needs to be at least 6 hours a week invested in your social media.  If your partner is not doing that, chances are you are not getting any measured return.  The length of your program is also a consideration on that waiting paycheck!


3.  How Is my campaign measured?


Your campaign can be measured many ways.  By metrics, (SEO, SMO Ect.)  Most use fan base or followers, along with traffic hits.  Your content is crucial to success.  Make sure your content hits on relevant topics to your business.  Make sure your goals are clear to your marketing social media partner in what you want to achieve.  Good luck!

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