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Live Stream Your Business But Be Careful!

I have spoken before about doing live streams with your business via your  cell phone.  If you missed that piece, simply stating, using Meerkat or Periscope along with your 1080p cell phone, you can be mobile and live stream an event.  You can also obviously do this inside from your laptop’s camera if you just want to deliver a sit-down topic.  Anyone watching you can interact and ask questions as both platforms use Twitter as their platform integration.  But I am digressing here.  This post is about what you need to watch out for in liability for those live-stream events.  All of these are easily avoidable with some planning.

Like a TV Show on the network or making a film, you have to be careful of certain things.  The first is your background music.  IF you have music playing during your event, make sure you can use it.  most popular music is copyrighted as are most images. Use only images you own. or are in the public domain.  Understand and know copyright laws.  Another stickler is the “Right Of Publicity Law.” Even though you be live streaming from your own property and someone wanders into your  shot and you put them on camera, did you ask their permission?  Believe or not  you have to get a release from them to use their image.  The other safeguard trick is post a very visible signage that you are broadcasting live and if you do not wish to be on camera please avoid this area.  The last point is watch what you broadcast.  If you are in a office or corporate building, make sure no  personal information is on in the background with computers or hanging on the wall that may be or should be confidential. The camera sees everything!

Have fun and take advantage of live streaming to promote your brand or business.  Plan out what you are going to do and have that plan with you before, during and after the broadcast to make sure you did everything right to safe-guard your live stream.  Most live stream events can be recorded and you should do so to have a copy and to protect yourself in case someone says something after the event.  Take a picture or video tape that sign you put up warning people to stay clear if they do not want to be on the show.  Take stills of the area or set you will be using to make sure it looks clean and the background is clear. As they say “Cover Your  You Know What!”

Posted by: Floridadude | January 28, 2016

Doing A Explainer Video For Your Business

If you sell a product or service, in this day and age, you really need a video to go along with that product or service.  These are typically called “explainer” videos.  Videos that show your customers what you are selling or offering as a service.  While it is always good to hire a professional to shoot and edit it for you, if you want to do it yourself, here are some tips to help you out.

1.  What does the product or service do?  Explain a situation or problem then show what your business will do to make it better or fix the scenario  you came up with.  In other words what makes your business worth going to.

2. Keep your video short.  Attention span on the internet today is short.  If you do not have their attention in about 3 seconds, you are done.  Make it simple, fun, exciting, and not boring!  Get to the main subject matter quickly.

3.  Shoot in Hi Definition.  While almost all camera gear including cell phones shoot in High Definition, check to make sure. Also match your file size to where you are going with it.  Most video files suitable for the internet is MP4. If you are making a DVD, then you need perhaps a MPEG II file.

4.  So how is your voice?  Consider someone with a decent voice to show what you are doing.  Don’t let your ego get in the way of selling your product.  If you sound like death warmed over, then your video will look and sound the same.

5.  Edit the video.  Even if  you don’t want to hire a professional, there is simple editing tools on smart phones or on line that are free and simple to use.

6.  Write a script.  This should be your very first thought process. Make sure you follow the script.  Keep the video 2 minutes or less.   Look on You Tube or your competitors sites for ideas on what they did. Watch and copy the info commercial format if you can’t think of your own ideas.

7.  My last point is place your video on all your social media platforms you have.  Make sure you follow up on your ROI and you can do this by placing a “Call To Action” on your video.  Good luck and remember, if you are overwhelmed by all of this, hire a professional!

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Periscope Live Streaming To YouTube!

PeriscopeTwitter-600x3221-600x322Upload Periscope Streams to YouTube as Part of a Multi-Platform Video Strategy.  Building a community around your brand and engaging with its most passionate members is going to be critical for marketers, content creators and anyone else using online video in 2016 and onward. I am sure most SMB’s get this. I have personally used Periscope and with its integration with Twitter for interaction with your followers, it is really cool!  But along with the above, other reasons why Periscope can help you better engage with your audience and is worth a look is the consideration if you are planning to expand your multiple platforms this year.

Why Post Periscope Videos to YouTube?

Or Facebook, or Instagram Video? The idea here is that the secondary location where you post your Periscope videos should be whatever platform is home to your primary video audience. Not only does posting your Periscope video give it a place to live that lasts longer than 24 hours (they are deleted from Periscope servers after that) but it gives you an opportunity to promote your Periscope videos, while also benefiting your main distribution outlet.

Although Periscope was originally created as a portrait-style video broadcasting app, it has supported landscape mode since September of last year. Keep that in mind if you plan to upload your scopes to a secondary location. There is no better way to annoy users than to give them a portrait video when they are expecting widescreen. Thankfully, they have made the process very simple in that you only need to rotate your phone to switch the mode. If you have even the slightest inkling you may want to load your video to another site, flip your phone!

 How to Post Periscope Videos to YouTube

When it comes to ease of use, Periscope really got things right. Simply turn on “Autosave Broadcast” in your Periscope settings and any scope you record is saved directly to your Gallery. From there, it can be loaded straight to YouTube (or another platform) or downloaded and edited with your favorite video editing software.

Another trick to keep in mind with Periscope to make it look a little more professional is to use a second camera source. The simplest way to do that is to use the front and rear facing camera on your device. Once again, it’s simple to do, just double tap the screen of your device and it should switch between the two cameras, give you a more dynamic effect.

Keeping Your Periscopes Relevant Long-term

You can keep your Periscope files and even broadcast longer files and then put them up on YouTube. Stars like Ellen DeGeneres has streamed her stuff live on Periscope during her show. You can switch easily between the “selfie” camera and your front camera or even edit your stream before going YouTube.

The ability to edit your live streams makes it not only a great place to save your files long-term, but allows you to take repurpose your most useful live moments. It all comes back to finding new and interesting ways to engage with your audience, which they are doing through Periscope, with the added benefit of YouTube to reinforce that usage.


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4K Video. Do You Have To Have It Now?

Ahh…  4 K Video.  For us in production or the Geek next door who is salivating at the mouth  we are hearing”I gotta have it man!”  Well, after reading and studying about it am I ready to jump on the bandwagon?  My answer is “Not yet.”  Sure in about a year if the industry holds I will need to start shooting in 4K.  For the small business guy like me, it is dollars and investment.  In my market area, while saying “I shoot in 4K!” sounds cool, the problem is how many have the flat screens to really notice any difference?  The answer is not many. So what is 4K?

4K from a production standpoint is 4000 pixels horizontally (4096 X 2160) and is  about the size of 4 standard 1080p (1920 X 1080p) video files.   For the consumer, you would need a 4K flat screen to see the difference of anything shot in 4K.  1080p footage has so much room to improve.  We all agree on that.  A 4K smart TV of 55″ or more placed at a distance of 6 feet or less is only where you can see the difference.  It has to have a HEVC decoder to support HDMI 2.0 (This is for all you gamers)  You have to upgrade all your other hardware to support HEVC, HDMI 2.0 and other.  When Netflix and Roku gets into 4K which they are slowly, you will need a secure certificate from them to play approved 4K content.  the PS4 and Xbox goes to 4K, you will also need all new hardware to play 4K games.

So you been looking at all these new flat screens and curved TV’s and listening to the sales guys go 4K, 4K isn’t it awesome!  “You really need this now!”  Again the answer is “Depends.”  Vizio has a low priced 4K flat screen out for around 1K. (no pun intended)   Upconvertings of present 1080p to 4K is also possible.  Sony came up with 4K like processing using present 1080p and the picture looked great.

In conclusion, We all agree 4K is here but off to a slower than expected start.  The major flat screen manufacturers are doing all they can to convince you that you have to have this now because bigger is better.  In fact going forward, you probably will have no choice but to buy a 4K equipped flat screen as the standard 1080p flat screens will become less and less available to purchase.   From a production point, we can shoot in 4K and that is all good but will our customers notice anything different for the present cost of getting the video cameras?   The answer is depending on how they are viewing it and for most, probably not.   Take a deep breath,  watch the pricing points, let the dust settle and see what happens.

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Today’s Marketing Tip: ” Best Tips For

Today’s Marketing Tip: ” Best Tips For Effective Hash Tags!” #hashtags, #marketing, #social media

Posted by: Floridadude | December 23, 2015

Understanding Value In Video Marketing!

Understanding Value In Video Marketing! A Must Read! #video, #video marketing, #digital marketing, #content, #social…

Posted by: Floridadude | December 22, 2015

Poor Customer Service Can Cost You Your

Poor Customer Service Can Cost You Your Business! #customers, #customer relations, #customer service

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Budgeting Your Marketing Plan

Small businessSearch_Engine_Marketing_Budget owners always have to deal with the burning question during the first of year as they set their annual marketing budget.  How much can I spend and how should I spend it?  We all know marketing gives your business that chance to grow and prosper.   Increasing your sales is every business owners goal.  So the question is how to do it without spending a ton of money.

Setting a budget is your first priority.  You have to know what you can and can not afford and how and when you will launch your various marketing campaigns.  The next question is “Will I do this myself or should I hire outside firms to do this for me?”  That again is if  can you afford those outside firms?   There are various media specialists who are small and large.  Like myself, I deal with small business owners. Then there are larger full size agencies who can do it all but you pay for that luxury as well. Another solution is content marketing and using Google or Facebook ads.  These can be done cheaply on a “pay per click” basis.  Again you as a small business owner can do this yourself or you can hire a consultant. Using a professional however will give you quality content and your image and brand will shine.

Social Media is where everything is at these days and understanding social media for your marketing budget is essential.  I mentioned those pay per clicks and that is all integrated with social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine all are sources for your digital footprint.  Understanding how to use it  however is another thing.  The last item is using those giveaways to keep your brand out front.  Items like pens, water bottles, notepads, etc.. all are inexpensive ways to promote your marketing brand.  Consider doing a contest, an event, or other campaign as you plan your annual budget.   Good luck and put a lot of though into your marketing budget.

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The future of video with small business

Video is fast  becoming the new technology for marketing.  Fortune 500 companies have embraced it and large marketing firms with huge budgets from their clients are producing slick videos for our mobile society.   Live streams are being done by everyone from our National Parks to Walmart.  As all of this goes on the Mom and Pop stores across the US sit back and scratch their heads wondering why?  Why should “Bill’s Appliance Store” on 5th and Main or “Anne’s Clothes For Teens” on Briarwood care what  those big discounters are doing?   Because you are losing your customer base.  The market share and those spending dollars is fast becoming a solidified base with Millennials and younger population base. Guess what?  They are glued to their smart phones and they love video.  Even more so than still images.  They are watching streaming video more and more and advertisers have taken note.   Small business has to embrace this new technology to show you understand your market share and that you are not still living in the 1980’s.  These apps to stream are free. Just download them.  If you are business and still do not have  a decent smart phone that has a good camera (or even  a tablet) then shame on you.  I am a champion for the SMBs I am telling you that  for little or no cost, you can do what these large box stores pay their advertising agencies thousands for.  You too can stream a weekly video about your store and develop a fan base.  Be it a how to video or what is new in your store this week.  So get with the times and I will see you on the air!

Free apps for video and streaming video are:








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Snapchat continues to go balistic in video views!

With Snapchat, that neat little mobile app, continuing to add new features, it’s video usage is now over six billion times a day!

That number has tripled since this past May.

The latest figures put Snapchat in even closer competition with Facebook, which sees eight billion video views daily. While the Facebook numbers include both desktop and mobile users, Snapchat videos views are via smart phone only.

Videos have become one of the most popular activities of social media users, with clips bringing in significant revenue for companies through advertising.  Snapchat’s closet competitors is Instagram & Vine.

Independent market research firm eMarketer predicts a 42 percent increase — up to $7.5 billion — in digital video revenues in the US this year.  This leads a huge scramble for advertisers who have any kind of mobility advertising budget.  Where to place those digital ads.  Snapchat continues to aggressively stay abreast of the ever-changing technology in digital video with new applications to their platform and thus they keep their users happy and more importantly coming back to their product.

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