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Marketing Your Business The Right Way!

There are several key points to marketing your business so you have an effective and productive return on your investment.  In the world of social media  and digital interaction, one must be ready to jump the hoops and know how to reach their masses.  Here are some key points to consider to get that ROI of your advertising and marketing dollars.

1.  Social Media Management

With all the platforms out there you need to be able to control and mange your message to your masses.  Have a automation and leverage tool like Hootsuite or similar platform to help run your campaign.  Tying to do it all on your own is time-consuming, non productive, and worse, opening yourself up to errors.

2.  Content

In the world of content marketing, how much knowledge and leverage can you generate to keep your customers and audience happy?  To keep your content fresh, turn to your vendors or distributors for free content of subject matter you represent in your products or services.  Managing your content can make or break your marketing plan.  Keep it fresh, relevant and interactive.

3.  Know Your Competitors

If you are not up on your competition and aware of what and how they reach the very customers you also need then you are in trouble.  Be aware of how they market by checking out their web sites, their social media scheme, and advertising.  If you don’t have the time, engage a third-party application such as TrackMaven or similar tool to help you stay on top.

4.  Lead Generation

I am at times, not a big fan of some lead generation tools due to the fact that the very information they claim to have is outdated before they get it.  They deal with outdated data themselves and when passed down to you your time is wasted.  This is not to say all lead generation marketing is bad.  I am saying make sure the data or leads you get fit your verticals you are trying to reach.   3rd party lead generation  platforms and companies that are good get you current information with appointment setting capabilities which should convert to face to face business opportunities.  For what you have to pay for the services make sure they work for you and not against.

Stay fresh and market your business with goals!

Posted by: Floridadude | March 13, 2015

Get Your Content Out There!

Marketing for SMB’s is tough.  No question about it. You don’t have the budget of those “Big Boys” but you know what you want to do.  So How do you promote?  Think outside the box.  That is what you do.  I have some tips that may just help you.  Granted, not all may fit your particular situation but consider it guidelines if you will.  The best news is it costs you little to nothing to get your content out there.

1.  Make your content  exciting and downloadable.  Spreading the brand is the best brand

2.  Allow others who are knowledgeable in your field of business or brands that you sell be “guest bloggers”  (tap your distributors or area sales reps to do this)

3.  Use images or videos on your content.

4.  Tap your social media platforms.  (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and don’t forget those video platforms such as Vine, YouTube, or Instagram

5. Make your content about your brand or your profession.  Not about you.  Make the topic interactive and engage your readers.


With these tips, your content marketing campaign will soar!


Posted by: Floridadude | February 25, 2015

Pinterest. Not a sewing circle exchange site anymore!

Pinterest is growing leaps and bound with Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.   Once thought of as a place where domestic housewives and stay at home Moms exchanged  recipesand sewing tricks is now the darling of 5th Avenue advertising agencies and marketers everywhere. While it is not the giant of Facebook and Twitter, it soon will be with it’s advertising push this year.   Pinterest will reach over 47 million people this year. More than one-quarter Social Media users will use Pinterest on a month to month basis.  That is nothing to laugh at. While it is true that women do dominate Pinterest, males are fast seeing the effective use of this social media platform and those numbers are growing at a steady pace.

Pinterest is digital. The use of links to print and video puts it in a positive position for growth. The future of Pinterest is still a bit sketchy as it has a long way to catch up with the big 3.   But those who are watching  it’s rapid growth,  are smiling.   With advertising placements soon going up on this platform, rest assured, it will be making money quickly.  The only downfall is Pinterest’s  global outreach. Only 30% of it’s users are from outside the US. If this can be overcome in the near future, then the big 3 have something to worry about from Pinterest.

If you are not using Pinterest right now for your marketing strategy, you should take a look at it. Images tell a great story.  Pinterest will do that for you.



Posted by: Floridadude | February 19, 2015

Simple Marketing Tips For Your Social Media

Going to keep it short and sweet this week.  In creating your content for your marketing strategy, there are really only 3 tips to keep in mid to capture your audience.  Zeroing in on that target is essential to keep their attention and designing a campaign that will keep them coming back.  I like to call these points the 3 “T’s”.  Topic, Timing, And Time.  Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other social platform to promote your business, the 3 T’s all come into play.  Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

Time of when you post content is important.  Make sure your content is ready and you done your homework.  Set aside a certain time of the day to post. Make sure you post frequently. Don’t be rushed or do your posting without thought process.

Topics are of great importance  in relation to your brand and your goals.  Make it interesting, fun, and if using graphics or media, eye-catching.  Do not talk about your business all the time or yourself.  Make it to where your links will be shared.  Speaking of your business, it’s OK to bring up a sale or if your business won an award.  Just don’t get egotistical or make it a priority over other topics that will catch your readers.

Timing of your content posting is critical in catching readership.  Have your posts hit at lunch or dinner time and at the top of the hour.  Tuesday and Thursdays as shown by research also are the two best days of the week when people check out posts on social media.  Have yours ready!

That is it for this go-around.  As I said, short and sweet.  Thanks for checking in!


Posted by: Floridadude | February 4, 2015

Define Your Social Media Strategy!


You know by now you just can’t throw content out there and expect it to stick. Today’s audience is in a hurry, they are trolling the internet and whatever you have to offer has to catch their attention in a hurry.  It has to be interesting. It has to capture their attention.  So what do you need to ask yourself to make all this connect?  Here  are a quick few points I have found that covers most of the bases.

Define Your Brand

What is Your Brand?

Do you know your message?

Do you have a methodology to do your social media updates?


What kind of content are you going to post?

What are your topics and will it relate to your brand?

Will you use images or video for content?


Who is my audience?

What social platforms do they use?

What is important to them?


Why do I need Social Media?

What is my purpose in using Social Media?

What will I achieve in using Social Media?


How will I measure my investment? (ROI)

What is working and what is not working?

What did my customers do to increase my business?

Did I spend too little in Social Media or do I need to spend more?

These questions all need to be seriously looked at when engaging in social media as a marketing campaign or customer engagement.  Take time to really study your content marketing.  I hope these questions will help you build a successful social media strategy that will work for your business.


Posted by: Floridadude | January 24, 2015

Your Profile and Content. Are you doing the right thing?


Today, business owners are busy.  They want content, they want their profiles to look good but due to lack of knowledge of social media, lack of staff to manage it, or just being lazy, many of their platforms are taking a beating and they do not even know it.  If you don’t pay attention to what you put out there for content or you are going with the “Well I think it looks good so there!” attitude, your audience may be dwindling before your very eyes and you don’t even know it. When posting social media consider these guidelines and also look at what platforms are really hitting key demographics.

Your “Hello”

When you do a post, are you saying just Hi?  I am serious.  Some people just stick a Hello or even the “Wassup?”  And these are business owners.  Nothing else added, no content, just a silly stupid greeting.  This is your business.  Not your personal page.  You are a professional.  Add something.  Like “Hello, It’s Monday and look for my exciting in store sale specials coming out on Friday!’  or “Hello this is Monday, are your payroll taxes done?”  Contact me or post your questions here for any assistance you may need.” Engage your masses.

Posting a Link-Post. That Catchy Title

I post a lot of link associated material.  I admit it.  I like to share what I read with others.  And that’s OK.  To get my followers to engage those links I try to use a creative title to get them to notice it.  If I have a good read on say “Social content is a marketer’s bread and butter” I might have a title like “Content is buttering up the competition!”   You don’t want a title of “Hey man,  click this link and read it.  It’s pretty good.  Enough said.

What’s Your Image?

If you like to post photos or links to video make sure it is brand or business related.  If you sell widgets then post related images or videos that have to do  with the world of widgets.  Do not post political material, your Uncle John’s  fishing trip or inappropriate photos of the  cute girl  you saw at the bar last night.  What does this have to do with your company’s profile and brand?  Posting a national story on manufacturing trends that may reflect of widgets is OK and may even created some discussion which you want but do you really want your readers knowing about that late night visit to the bar?  Uhm No!..

Thanks.  And….

Lastly, if you get a discussion going (hopefully not on Uncle John) on your widgets, responding back is very important.  People want to know you are real and you care about their comments.  Having said that, do thank them and do engage them back.  Say, “I appreciate your feedback and I feel the same way or glad you said that and let me share more about that topic.”  Posting “Thanks” or  “Good content Bob” means nothing to your readers.  You might as well say “I don’t really have time to respond to you, but thanks.”  Engagement means you care about your readers and it means they will come back and start following you which leads to sales or at the very least, your pages being followed by others.  Don’t be  grumpy, smile back.


A recent survey by BI Intelligence came back with some pretty interesting numbers and facts.  Among them are:

Women are still more geared toward Facebook.   Teens are still the top users of Facebook.  Instagram is now tops over Facebook and Twitter as far as prestige among young users.  For adults LinkedIn is more popular than Twitter.  Twitter has and continues to lose ground base among male users.  You Tube reaches more adults aged 18 to 34 than any single cable TV network.  The hottest social app going right now among 18 to 24 year olds is Snapchat!

When developing your content moving forward consider what and how you are going to post and also make sure you are using the right platform to hone your demographics.  Enjoy the world of social media and have fun but be responsible to your masses.


Many of you may have never heard of Snapchat, but trust me, you will.  The hottest mobile app and social media trend is gaining users by the minute.  Recently this “fave” chat program raised 500 million dollars to meet it’s demand of users.  Get this.  The company reported that it was moving 700 million pixs per day with 500 Snapchat stories.  Oh, the stories.  This is Snapchat’s version of on line Television.  Fans of Snapchat are into “Our Stories” video segments.

What makes Snapchat unique is it is a mobile app only.  While You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest have both desktop versions of its platform as well as mobile, Snapchat is mobile only.  What is unique is Snapchat’s growth is an oddity within the social media platform. It has taken off quicker, more solid with performance numbers that shock most investors and social media watch dogs. Their data backs it up as well. Looking at numbers when Facebook or Twitter first launched within this same time frame, Snapchat is killing all expectations.   Example.  When Facebook first went onto the social media platform, it’s numbers were around 341 million with both mobile and desktop applications.  Snapchat with those same numbers and less than 2 years old, has one platform in mobility and doing the same if not more activity.

So What exactly is Snapchat? 

Snapchat is a photo messaging app where individuals send pictures to each other that can only last up to 10 seconds. After that, the picture disappears. Sure, users can screenshot the picture they were sent, but when this happens the sender gets a notification.  Set aside from other social media platforms though, every picture sent here is private. In other words, only the receiver can see the image. There is also the option to chat with one another here.

Besides taking pictures, users can record videos and add drawings and text. These creations can then be sent to a centralized, controlled group of users. The sent messages are known as snaps. Since Snapchat is unique compared to its sister social media platforms, it is extremely popular.   I encourage you download snapchat if anything, to give it a test run and kick its tires.  Let me know what you think and drop me a note at

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Using Social Media Analytics On A Budget

Most small business use (or try to) some form of social media for marketing and advertising.  Many try at the very least, a Facebook Landing Page or as with most, have a web site.  But what do you do with it?  Do you try to see if you are getting any feedback from it or gage your customer reach?  Analytics is very important especially if you are paying someone or spending time each week trying to market your brand by use of web sites or social media.  If you feel you do not have the budget for data, think again.  There are free sources out there for you to use and it takes little effort on your part to use them.  I have done previous blogs on a few of them but I thought I would start off the new year but listing a few more.  Let’s start with the most popular one first.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free and fairly easy to use.  While their stats are not full encompassing, it does give you a nice snapshot of  numbers of who is visiting your site.

Facebook Insights

Almost every business be it large or small takes advantage of Facebook Insights.  It comes to you every week if you have a business landing page.  What you do with the summary report is up to you.  You get a breakdown of “likes”, visits, and shares. Engagements is crucial to any social media marketing campaign and use of this data can help you develop what is working for you and what is not.  You must keep fresh content on your landing pages to keep people coming back.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter is probably the second most popular social media tool over Facebook.  In fact is some metrics, it is actually the first. Millenniums are somewhat pulling away from Facebook and using Twitter more and more.  Twitter Analytics is also free to use. They provide graphs over an average monthly (28 days actually) of your tweets and who is favoring them or reading them.  Again, this valuable tool allows you to help gear your social media campaign to peak times.

Sum All

There is one other kind of all in one analytic tool that is also free to use called Sum All. Sum All gives you  dashboard snapshot of all your social media platforms that you wish to list.  There is a paid version of Sum All that can give you more intensive reports if you want to deep dive into your marketing analytics.  If you are a small business owner and doing your own social media or assigning an employee to do it for you, the free service is probably enough data for you to make a good judgment call on what is working and when your traffic is at it’s best.

Best of luck in 2015 and get into using the free data that is available

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Social Media In The New Year!

As we start looking at the new year and 2105, I thought I would mention how I see the new year will affect social media.  We already know that images (video and photo) will play a huge factor in social media and content driven social platforms.  What this means to small business is you really need to consider your marketing strategy to include Vine, Instagram, and Pinterest.  It is no secret that in those 3 seconds you have to capture the attention of possible customers scrolling through their smartphones or desktops, the images and NOT the words is what is going to hold their attention.   Key words in the search engines is still gong to get them there to your site but the images is what is going to keep them there .    As you look towards 2015, make it a point to merge your content with video or images to capture those fast-moving eyes.


Stats, stats, and more stats.  Marketers are also going to be more deep diving into web analytics for 2015 studies show.  Why?  More and more advertisers next year will be moving their budgets from conventional advertising, (sorry TV, radio, and magazines) toward social media.  In doing so, they want the best ROI they can find so data on demographics, marketing, and buying trends will be important. Now, more than ever will data on pass through, clicks, follow-through pages on web sites, it will all add to crucial spending of those advertising dollars.  This means more call to action by your visitors will be very important.  If your business presently relies on e-marketing or you run an on line store, you will need to invest in using analytics to keep up with the ever-changing social media habits of your customers.

Finally, be aware and focus on new trends, new platforms that are coming out, (I think of Snapchat  as one that young people are getting on the bandwagon with) and be fully aware of where your hard-earned advertising dollars will be invested. Marketing with social media does not need to be complex but it does have to be target driven. Social Media is ever-changing.  It will continue to evolve as technology does the same.


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Increase Your Marketing Visibility!

When you start your social media campaign or any marketing strategy for that matter, you need to know how you are going to deploy it.  That is pretty simple and straight forward isn’t it?  What you and most people do not know is there is a variety of tools out there that can make your job much easier at little or no cost.  Some of these actions also call upon you implement your own game plan but the end result will be a better ROI for your business.  I am not going to go into all the “What Are They?” here but highlight a few for your review.  If you have any questions, always feel fee to reach out to me!


Visit Floridadude Marketing Concepts Main Website For More Information. Click Here!

First always make sure you create “Call To Action” on your social media platforms.  Make your readers interact and have to do click on something or call a number to learn more or get a special deal.  Call To Action engagements are pretty much a no brainer in social media.  Take your time in building your fan base.  Do not put all your eggs in one basket either. There is more to social media than Facebook landing pages.

If you do blogs for your business (like I do here) encourage comments. Sometimes other folks have good ideas or have something to say.  While it is true you can get somebody that has nothing to say except their own agenda or advertising themselves, you can run filters or simply delete them.  But do let people have the opportunity to interact with you.

Share what you have to say.  I keep things I have posted on file here for others to use if they want.  I try not to write dated material. I also link my blogging site to my other platforms.  “Love Makes The World Go Round!”

Be personable with your social media.  With that I mean have a voice or person behind your posts.  People ask a question on Twitter, respond.  They have something nice to say on your Facebook page, respond.  Don’t be a robot.

So who are you?  My website includes a short bio or profile of me.  You should do the same.  On any social platform, you should tell a little about yourself.  If you don’t want to put it on every site then link to one main site where they can find out about your business or yourself.

Branding is so important these days so I really need to ask.  “What does your logo look like these days?”  Now I admit mine is pretty simple and laid back but that’s me.  I am not a huge company.  But if you are in retail and also have a huge corporate presence, then you want your branding to match that professionalism and look.

I am putting these next two items together.  Video  and mobility.  They go hand  in hand today.  Social media has become more video tuned and also more mobile.  Your message needs to always include video presence.  Engage YouTube, Vine, Instagram and other platforms that smart phone users have apps for. This is how social media is trending .

My last comment is analytics.  I have talked on this subject before, but always pay attention to who is visiting your sites.  Use your measured click troughs and   site visits.  There  is more on this subject on my other posts.

There  are other  items to discuss here but I will leave it here for now.  Good luck with your next market campaign and make sure to increase your visibility!

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